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Posted on: 17 Apr

Essential Tips For Success IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Preparation: Prepare Your IELTS With These Essential Pro Tips

Preparing for IELTS in an effective way can be a daunting job for many international students. Students with no experience face a lot of ambiguities when trying to prepare for the IELTS exam. 

IELTS is a complex test. In addition to being able to communicate efficiently in English, you'll need to learn many strategic test-taking tricks. Preparing for your IELTS exam can be exhausting for students as they must decide where to begin. 

In order to tackle the issue, we have defined a roadmap to make it easier and simpler for students who are looking to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Find a Personal Trainer

A few sessions with a trained coach will save you in the long run. Mock tests and training sessions with a great IELTS coach can help you secure the required bands. 

A personalized trainer will focus on the sections where you need the most practice. He will guide you in focusing on the specific sections to get through each module on the test day. He will also provide you with enough confidence with repeated and diverse practice exams with every possible question and scenario. 

Practice More

Make use of the British Council's free IELTS exam practice material, which is available online for everyone who has registered for the IELTS exam. Try not to limit your practice even if you are scoring well in your mock tests. There is a bundle of available resources you can go through for this purpose.

Practice every single day before your actual test day and make use of every possible tool and platform in order to get the diverse test scenarios. 

Not only is it essential to advance on your weak point by doing more practice, but it is equally vital to build up on your strengths to make a solid foundation for the examination. 

You can join our IELTS Preparation Course in order to get enough practice mock tests and guidance from trained staff. You can discover IELTS based content on social mediums which you already use like Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, YouTube. 

Never Memorize Answers

For the speaking and writing modules, you will be asked to present your answers naturally. Do not memorize your answers in advance, as this will negatively impact your IELTS band in that module. Try to stay as natural as possible.

Invigilators prefer and encourage your inner thoughts and words instead of the traditional repeated answers. 

Get to Know The Test Format

Get yourself enough familiar with the complete test format before you begin your practice with our IELTS Preparation. Review the test format of each module carefully and observe your strengths and weak points for that. 

Develop Reading Skills

Make sure you practice a broad and diverse number of questions so that you are familiar with each type of question. You must provide short answers, complete sentences, and match information in your reading module. Time constraint is the most vital element in reading module preparation. You must keep in mind that your answers must be to the point. Skim your text and make sure to analyze what kind of information you are going to put on the answer sheet. 

Set Realistic Goals

Prepare yourself with possible bands you will get and what bands your institution requires you. Adequate preparation will aid you in succeeding and getting the required score in each module, but it does not ensure wonders. So, stay optimistic! 

Importance of Vocabulary

Vocabulary comprises 25% of your total scores in writing and speaking. Focus on your vocabulary before your IELTS exam. Make a vocabulary improvement plan to address this. Free sample plans can be found online for your convenience and help. 


IELTS coaches at ABN Global are professionally trained and rated as the best in the Middle East for providing a detailed and practical IELTS Preparation.

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