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With more than 3.5 million tests taken in 2023, IELTS has been recognized as the most common, easily accepted, and most famous high-stakes English test. Whether it's study, immigration, or work, IELTS is the first choice for every candidate. Contact ABN Global for the best IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai. 

IELTS is best matched for non-English or non-native English people because IELTS evaluates the examinees’ English language ability in – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Due to its capacity to correctly measure the individual’s capability of English language practice in real situations, the IELTS test score is acknowledged by more than 12,000+ universities internationally.

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All you need to do is contact us and register yourself for your IELTS preparation and exam. Our experienced IELTS trainers will leave no stone unturned in making your IELTS preparation easy for you. We aim to deliver the best possible IELTS preparation environment to students who are enrolled with us on this journey. 

What Makes The IELTS Test Fairer For Students?

Attempting any language test can be a challenging task for students. There is always room for error but unfortunately, many tests come with some difficulties. With IELTS, you get a separate quiet space and time for your speaking module so that you can stay away from distractions. With IELTS, you can always adjust your answers to best match your thinking and writing style. 

Why Choose Our IELTS Training Course UAE?

The IELTS test is an application to migration, study, and work permit. Its enrolment has risen in past years making it a top choice for international students and partner universities. Over 10,000 organizations recognize IELTS results which include governments, associations, employers, and education bodies. Its content is being developed by expert team members and to make it fair and unbiased it undergoes extensive research. Regardless of any candidate’s nationality, gender, and lifestyle, this makes it a fair chance for them to undertake the IELTS test. 

KHDA Approved 

Our IELTS preparation center is approved by KHDA. ABN Global takes pride in saying that we are among the top 3 IELTS preparation centers in UAE right now. Students from different parts of the UAE have met their required bands with our IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai. 

Our IELTS Training Course in UAE

We provide multiple one-to-one sessions to each candidate enrolled with us. We aim to work on each student’s specific needs as per the mock test result, we conduct initially. 

Conducting mock tests allows us to better understand the missing areas where the student needs to focus more and train that module to get the desired band in IELTS. We provide specialized soundproof classrooms for our students. The required preparation weeks are based on the score the student got in our initial Complementary Diagnostic Test. 

Academic Vs General IELTS?

Every IELTS test is valid for 2 years from the day the test has been conducted. British Council has divided IELTS into two different categories. 


Every international student planning to study overseas in an English-speaking country must have passed the IELTS Academic test. The IELTS Academic version is comparatively a little more complex than the general one. Mostly academic versions are required for students planning to study some professional courses and degrees. The academic version contains more suitable topics for anyone entering professional institutes or universities. 


IELTS general is required for individuals who are seeking to travel to any English-speaking country for the sake of employment or work. It is also required for students who want to study at a lower-level education. It is a comparatively easier and simpler version of IELTS. It gives foreigners a clear understanding of the local language. Students and individuals can enroll in our IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai for their specific needs.

Eligibility for our IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai

Any student or individual planning to attempt the IELTS test must have a valid passport. The minimum age set by the British Council to attempt IELTS is at least 16 years. Before pursuing their IELTS journey, applicants must identify the basic purpose of IELTS. With our IELTS Training Course in UAE, we help individuals identify the type of IELTS test they are required to attempt. 

IELTS Exam Fee

IELTS On paper 1000 AED

IELTS On Computer 1200 AED

IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai UAE
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