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Studying in Germany provides a value education to aid you excel in your career. It allows you to learn a new medium of instruction by making local friends and getting enough socializing in the atmosphere. Whether planning to study engineering, medicine, business, or architecture, Germany is the best place for an international student. You only need to contact ABN Global, the German Education Consultants in Dubai.

Here Are Some Quick, Exciting Reasons To Best Study in Germany As A Foreign Student

  1. Free education in most of the universities and meager tuition fees in others
  2. World-class education, along with chosen quality faculty from all over the world
  3. Germany is an exciting country which has years of profound history to explore
  4. More emphasis on cultural diversity and accepting students from each part of the world
  5. The language of instruction in most universities is English. Every international student can start their study without any language barrier.
  6. Countless job opportunities for working right after you complete your degree
  7. Affordable living cost of Germany. As an international student, you can manage your food, travel, rent, health, and transport in Germany for 700 euros/ month.

AbnGlobal Best Study in Germany Consultants from Dubai

German universities offer a wide variety of subjects and modules to choose from. Assessment criteria are more student-centered and based on practical knowledge. The education sector of Germany mainly focuses on practical skills and prepares individuals for skilled employment within a limited time and budget.  

Studying in Germany can open you to a new range of experiences and provide deep insights into your interests. Studying in Germany allows you to experience an attractive new culture; German culture holds remarkable flavor in tradition and cuisine. Moreover, its location and extensive globalization make it the hub of international relations and a unique melting pot of talented professionals from different parts of the world who can help others seeking to improve themselves grow as well. 

Blocked Account For Study in Germany

It is designed to safeguard international students arriving in Germany for education. It makes sure that the student already has enough funds in his personal blocked account, which he will need while studying in Germany. 

As per the German embassy's latest updates in 2024, the amount required for a blocked account by any international student will be 11,208 euros for a period of 12 months. 

For detailed guidance on blocked accounts and the application process, visit us for a one-to-one session with the best German Education Consultants in Dubai.

Working Part-time in Germany

Germany is a country that is considered a sea of opportunities for working for international students. Students are required to have a minimum qualification to work part-time in Germany. According to a survey, over 65% of overseas students work partially to meet their living expenses in Germany. 

International students in Germany are permitted 11 hours a week or 47 hours each month. Specific platforms can allow you to work longer than the provided limit. However, we do not suggest students traveling to Germany for studies rely on part-time work to meet the expenses. It still gives you some sigh of relief eventually. 

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There are different types of scholarships and financial aid in Germany. To see the best fit for you, you must keep certain things in mind: eligibility, requirements, what support they offer if that meets your needs, how smooth the application process is, and how competitive it is.

Below are the main scholarships in Germany:

  • DAAD Scholarships. DAAD platform offers an extensive range of scholarships and waivers to students and researchers who are planning to conduct research or study in Germany
  • Erasmus+ Scholarships. The Erasmus+ program offers grants for students from EU associate states to study or conduct research overseas, including in Germany.
  • Stipendium Plus: This scholarship package sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) delivers monetary funding to talented and dedicated students who face challenging communal or personal situations.

Best Study in Germany Consultants from Dubai

The easiest, most reliable, and fastest way to apply to any German university is through ABN Global, the trusted German Education Consultants in Dubai. The ABN team will assess your academic documents, guide you about the entire process, keep it transparent, and send your application to your desired university. 

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