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Posted on: 02 Apr

A Guide to ABN Global IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai

All the Prerequisites For Your IELTS Exam

When your planned IELTS test day approaches, you need to know what essentials you must bring along when coming to the test center. The other way around, you must be well aware of what not to bring at the test center. 

Firstly, always make sure that you arrive on time on your test day. Always keep enough time margin to safeguard your test duration and avoid any unexpected situations. As you arrive at the test location, you must declare all your personal belongings, such as your mobile and wallet, to the officials. 

After that, you will be guided to your seat by the officials present there and wait for your IELTS test to begin. 

Essential Documents To Bring For The IELTS Exam


The most important and key document that you must carry with you on the test day is your personal identification document. It can be your passport or national identification card. This must be the same document that you used in order to register for your IELTS exam on the British Council website.

As you all are well aware, the speaking test is being conducted on another day. You will be using the same identification document for the speaking module as well. Before your test day, always consult your instructor who helped you with your IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai.

Furthermore, for the paper-based IELTS exam, it is strongly recommended that you bring all the necessary stationary items with you. Make sure that all your stationary items are free from any kind of AI-aided service, etc. 

For the computer-based IELTS exam, you do not need to carry any pens, pencils, or erasers with you as they are not required in any part or module of the IELTS exam. 


What Not To Carry For Your IELTS Exam

You dont need to bring your photos on the test day, as you will be catered to this service at the test center. The same picture will be displayed on your IELTS exam result card.

Always switch off your mobile phone, and do not try to carry any mobile, tab, or helping device for your IELTS exam. Strict actions can be taken if anyone is found guilty of any misconduct. British Council can even take legal action against you if found guilty. 

Any electronic items are strictly not allowed in the British Council test center. 

Do not carry any valuable personal items to the test center. No official will be responsible if you end up missing any of your valuable items at the test location.

No children or family members are allowed on the premises of the British Council test center. We strongly advise students on this. Members can wait outside the premises of the test center if needed. 

No food items are allowed in the test center. You are only allowed to carry your transparent water bottle along with you in the test center. 

How Do We Help Students?


Your IELTS instructor at ABN Global will thoroughly guide you through all the prerequisites in this regard. We proudly say that students have rated us highly for providing the finest and most valuable IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai.

We perform one-to-one sessions with a student a day before their IELTS exam in order to make them aware of all the essentials mentioned above.

Contact us now using the contact details given, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more daily updates. 

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