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Posted on: 18 Apr

Why Choose A Career Advisor For UK University Application

Eliminate The Guesswork by Choosing Your Career Advisor

For many international students in the Middle East, completing the university application process might seem daunting. As per the survey, yes, it's a bit complicated for many international students who are planning to study in the UK for their higher education. You must take advice and discuss your career path with UK Study Visa Consultants in UAE

Completing the application process involves complex tasks, which are recommended to be completed and submitted with the supervision of professional career advisors with ample experience in this job. When you arrive in the UK, career advisors are also situated on every university site. They help you find the top opportunities, work placements, internships, and postgraduate courses. They'll help you select an onward step that's right for you
There are multiple and enormous reasons to consider any career advisor or study consultant before launching your UK application process. 

Screening Down The Options


The UK has unlimited course and degree options for international students planning to study there. Students might need clarification and guidance when deciding which degree and university to choose. 
Here, career advisors at ABN Global will help you narrow down the options that best suit you 


Based On Your Academic Profile

Either online or face-to-face, you'll discuss your strengths and weaknesses, plus what you're interested in, and they can suggest possible career options for you. Career advisors at ABN Global are considered to be the best among UK Study Visa Consultants in UAE.

Helping You With Your Application

Career advisors will help you edit your application according to the standards of UK universities. You can not afford any single mistake or error in your application. 
Your careers service can help you modify your CV, write your statement of purpose, or decide what to include in a portfolio. 
Filling out the application form can be complex for any new student applying for the first time to study in the UK. Your career advisors will help you complete and successfully submit your application.

Identify Possible Tuition Discounts.

International students are looking for scholarships when they apply to study in UK universities. Finding an exemplary scholarship and preparing for it is a challenging job for a new student. 
Here, career advisors at ABN Global will use their expertise to match you with the best possible scholarship. Your career advisor will also prepare you for applying for the scholarship, completing documents, meeting deadlines, and much more. 
Career advisors will also help you identify possible exemptions from documentation barriers, such as IELTS or any other language test. Career counselors are trained to guide students to the maximum benefit of their overseas study journey. 

Interview Preparation

One way to help you thrive at the interview stage is to exercise, and this is where your career advisor makes a difference. You can arrange mock interviews, during which they will ask you questions, provide feedback on your answers, and give you tips on how to advance. 

While they can't tell you exactly what you will be asked, they can give you examples of what you should focus on and what you should avoid.

Post-Study Support

With successful enrolment in your UK institute, the job of your career advisor does not end. Your career advisor will support you during your stay at the university and even after you have completed your desired course from the university. 

Your counsellor will stay connected with you socially and will help you successfully find the right employment. They have a vast pool of employers who are looking for the right fit for their companies all around the world.

Career advisors at ABN Global help students worldwide with their UK university application process and pre-departure requirements, as well as help with visa filing. Students in the Middle East put complete trust in us as the authentic UK Study Visa Consultants in UAE

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