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Posted on: 14 May

Tips For Writing A Good Application

Important Tips For A Successful University Application

You are not alone in this hot seat if applying abroad to study keeps you up at night. We understand that it can be a stressful job when you have yet to learn what it takes to complete a successful university application. Many study abroad consultants in Dubai have expert advisors who can help you craft a perfect application.

Let us assist you in addressing this issue and highlighting the important dos and don’ts of a successful university application. 

After detailed sessions with university admission managers, we present the seven tips below for a successful university application. 

Do Not Miss Out On Any Information

Your application is your most significant chance to present your profile to the university officer. There should be no gaps in your application, and try not to leave anything blank in your application form. Fill out everything accurately when completing your application. 

If you have a study gap in your academic profile, use this platform ultimately to justify the gap with as much information as possible. 

Tip: Do not try to hide or include any incorrect information in your application form, as this can seriously negatively impact your application.

Write A Convincing Personal Statement

Uploading a strong, convincing, and correct statement of purpose is vital to the acceptance of your application. Admission officers recommend that applicants focus on signifying motivation and showcasing accomplishments and skills when writing a personal statement. You can get your personal statements checked with any study abroad consultants in Dubai for expert review. 

As Per The Experts, A Good Personal Statement Must Include The Following Points

  • Why choose the specific course
  • Why choose the particular university
  • Educational and professional background
  • Future goals and how this course will help you in your career
  • Relevancy of academic credentials with the applied course
  • What achievements are you proud of

Tip: Never try to copy someone else’s statement, as it will eventually lead to denial.

Improved Grades, Better Chances

There are many applicants from around the world, but for obvious reasons, the university is not going to accept all of them. You should be ready for a high competition. A better CGPA or an additional test exam like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT can increase your probability of acceptance into that university. Your academic profile must stand out from the crowd. 

Tip: Try to get some added educational training and certifications, which you can add to your application. 

Credible Recommendation Letters

Well-written and convincing LORs can be your game-changer for being accepted by the university. When you request a recommendation letter from your instructor, be sure that it complements your overall profile and field of interest.

It is strongly suggested that you request recommendation letters from teachers who have taught or worked with you during your academic journey. Making the ‘right’ recommendation letter involves writing the facts using the correct method. 

Make sure the recommender knows details about your program and why you are applying for that program. A personal reference can also be given if you wish to show your work experience, personality traits, or transferrable skills. 

Ask For Help When Needed

It would help if you weren’t shy about asking for help from someone who has already gone through this phase. It is always recommended that you seek guidance from someone if you get stuck in your application. Alternatively, you can refer to study abroad consultants in Dubai to ensure you are doing well.

Furthermore, you can also contact university officials directly or browse the required information on the university website. 

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