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Posted on: 21 May

Tips For Preparing Your Study In USA Application With Dubai Consultants

Step-by-Step USA Admissions Guide

Studying in the USA can be a life-changing decision for you and your professional life. Studying alongside one million international students in the USA can be an exciting and daunting task for many. To address this, we recommend students always refer to advisors with expertise as Study in USA consultants in Dubai for a better understanding of the USA admission and visa process.

Searching For Desired University

Instead of searching for the right school as you desire, look for a college or university that best fits your academic profile and long-term goals. This should be your first and critical step towards studying in the USA.

No standard world rankings exist for colleges and universities in the United States. What matches your goals and prior education is the best fit for you? You should research the best college at least 12-18 months before the start date.
Tip: You can refer to the U.S. Department of Education College Navigator site to search for your desired degrees.

Complete Your Application

This step deserves a lot more time than others. Concentrate on it, as every application in the USA requires different paperwork, such as writing cover letters, collecting recommendations, and taking standard additional examinations.

There is no centralized application system in the USA for international applicants. Each institute has its application process and criteria. Always be prepared and consult official Study in USA consultants in Dubai before submitting your application.

Most universities allow you to apply directly on their website.

Please read the academic and English language requirements very carefully while applying. At this stage, you may also be asked to present the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT.

Application Fees Range Between 80-100 USD.

Receive Your Offer

Within a couple of days of launching the application, you will receive your conditional or unconditional offer letter. Meeting the required conditions will turn your conditional offer letter into an unconditional one that is ready for the deposit.

After meeting all the mentioned conditions and paying the deposit, a draft acceptance letter will be issued within 2 working days. Additionally, a fee invoice of USD 180 will be received, which can be paid in Allied Bank only. Upon payment, register yourself for DS-160, the non-immigrant visa application form, by visiting this link,

I-20 Issuance

After reviewing the draft acceptance letter and checking all the details regarding the shipping address and contact details, you will receive your I-20 within five working days.

Tip: The I-20 will be the critical document for applying for your USA student visa at the local embassy.

US F-1 Student Application

Upon receiving the final acceptance letter, you must book an appointment at the local U.S. Embassy and collect all required documents.

Before that, you need to pay the SEVIS Fee and complete your non-immigrant visa (DS-160 Form).

Follow the instructions from your local U.S. Embassy to start your visa application process. Students must ensure that they are prepared to answer questions related to their chosen course, university, finances, and career goals after the degree.

Official Study in USA consultants in Dubai can help you prepare for the embassy interview to get your visa grant.

Embassy Interview

There is no guarantee of a successful visa outcome. However, you can follow and refer to the points below to make your interview successful.

Attend: Please join the interview to ensure your application is accepted.

Answer: Answer all your visa interview questions honestly, and do not hide any information.

Use English: Always answer in English, as the visa officer will be checking your English proficiency as well.

Ask: If you do not understand any question, ask for clarification

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