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Posted on: 02 Apr

Begin International Law Study With Best UK Institutes

Begin International Law Study with Best UK Institutes

The UK has a long history of legal excellence, and its universities are known for turning out some of the best legal minds in the world. A law degree from the UK is a great starting point if you want to work as a barrister, solicitor, or in another legal capacity. 

Selecting the best law curriculum can be challenging because many universities offer them. As the best UK Study Visa Consultant, ABN Global gives students the best possible career and course choices for studying Law in the UK.

This list examines five prestigious colleges that serve future attorneys:

This comprehensive guide dives deep into five prominent UK universities, each catering to aspiring legal eagles:

  1. University of Nottingham:

The UCL Faculty of Laws is a diverse group of students, researchers, alumni and top academics. Whether it is an undergraduate or postgraduate course, UCL's Faculty of Laws offers an outstanding student experience. It is usually measured as one of the best law institutions in the UK and the world. 

Overseas students can learn from world-leading researchers and teachers, meaning you'll also understand how those basic law concepts are functional in practice through various student-led events and competitions at UCL.

Department of Law has been one of the essential and critical fundamentals of the University of Cambridge for several years. Finishing a law degree at Cambridge offers a rationally stimulating and gratifying experience, with students directed by some of the top experts and professors in the world. Its Faculty of Law is notorious for its degree in global and comparative Law, jurisprudence and lawful history. The faculty is also recognized for its study in the socio-legal and social science fields.

  4-University of Oxford

Oxford University is known to have the most prominent law faculties in the UK. The Law department is approximately 800 years old, and tailored lectures ensure you have the best one-to-one backing throughout your study. University admits, supports, teaches and inspects a limited number of students worldwide, and the student-to-faculty ratio is roughly 7:1. 

Law is one of the biggest departments of the London School of Economics, with more than 70 faculty and staff members. For undergraduates, LSE offers a Bachelor of Law (LLB), where international students can progress to Columbia University Law School for two years. 

Furthermore, for postgraduate, LSE offers LLM master of Law & Executive LLM. Both courses are available to students with at least three years of post-degree work experience in Law. 

The School of Law at the UOG offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There are 49 permanent academic staff and over 1,000 students pursuing law degrees at Glasgow. 

   8-University of Warwick

The Faculty of Law at the University of Warwick usually lines among the top universities in the UK. Warwick has a devoted and diverse staff with specialized and theoretical expertise and is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. Throughout law courses at the University of Warwick, students will be accomplished by law lecturers and legal specialists in public dialogue and advocacy assistance.

  • Top Course: LLB Law 
  • Entry requirements: A level typically offers A*AA. IB typical offer: 38. 
  • International fees: Band 1 – £23,390, Band 2 – £29,830
  • Faculty: Law degrees at Warwick offer more than fostering critical perspectives on the Law's impact and potential for societal improvement, shaping alumni into sharp donors to legal discourse and change


  9-Durham University

Durham University's Law department is one of the world's top legal education and research institutes. The University has a respected academic staff known for producing revolutionary research and is active nationwide and globally. Durham's law courses are highly modest and have a varied student count. 

The Dickson Poon School of Law at King's College London has stood as a determined in lawful education for two centuries. With roots dating back to 1831, its ironic history is proof of lasting brilliance. Today, its assurance of ground-breaking research and extraordinary teaching persists. This heritage demonstrates the lasting impact of quality teaching and remains essential to the institution's uniqueness.

Charting Your Legal Path. Choosing the ideal University goes beyond rankings. Consider these factors to ensure a perfect fit:

Rankings can be a helpful starting point but delve deeper. Reach out to current students or alums to gain valuable insights into the university culture, program structure, and faculty expertise. This personalized approach will empower you to make an informed decision and embark on your exciting legal journey with confidence.

The expert team at ABN Global consists of official and authorized UK study visa consultants in UAE who provide top-notch career guidance and a diverse portfolio to students worldwide. 

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